Blog – 新ネイティブ講師 Daniel先生

今月から、Mark先生に代わってキッズ、社会人のクラスを担当するネイティブ講師のDaniel 先生の初ブログです。子供のころの思い出の映画、バックトゥザフューチャーの日本語吹き替え版をテレビで見た驚きを書いてくれました。

Hello everyone my name is Daniel and I recently moved to Tokyo.
I wanted to talk about my first experience watching a movie from home on cable television in Japan. Last night was the first time I’ve watched Japanese television in about 4 months. I was really surprised and excited to find out that they were playing one of my favorite childhood movies “Back to the Future” on the television. I was also very surprised that all of the voices have been changed to Japanese because usually when I watch western movies the audio usually remains the same. I had expected it to be in English with Japanese subtitles, but since I already knew the movie very well it was good practice for me to work on my listening skills. I think it’s a really good practice to watch movies in the language you are learning and to read the subtitles in your native language. My friend even informed me that they will be playing the sequel this upcoming Friday so I am really looking forward to that. It was a very nostalgic feeling to see a movie that I haven’t seen in over a decade.
I hope you all have a great week and enjoy your upcoming weekend.