‘Ber’ Months’

Today is the last day of August and tomorrow ‘Ber’ Months’ will start.
There are few good reasons to celebrate ‘Ber Months’. Many are now excited every time that “Ber” months starts. It means that the ghost month period is finally over and it is the start of a season that is full of optimism. “Ber” months is a period of the year where most holiday occurs. This period involves the last four months of the year, which are September, October, November, and December, basing from the Gregorian calendar.
What happens when ‘Ber months’ start?
1. Holiday season starts
2. More discounts
3. Cheaper tourism
4. Family gathering
5. Attending events and parties
6. Gift giving
7. Start earning more.
8. Vacation
There are a lot of things to do and celebrate during these months. Are you excited to do them? Which one is your favorite? Mine are vacation, family gathering and attending events and parties