Blog – Daniel


Happy New Years!

During the holidays leading up to the new year I did quite a bit of
eating so I think my New Year’s resolution this year should be to lose
weight as well as trying to learn new kanji and trying to save up
money for whatever this year will bring.  For Christmas eve I went to
Odaiba to have dinner and go shopping.  The year has only started and
I already have a few first time experiences.  I went to Saitama for
the first time to celebrate the new year.  Saitama was very quiet and
peaceful so it was nice to get a break from the hustle and bustle of
Tokyo for a while, also the sky and air is very clear so I was able to
stargaze at night.  It was also my first time having a traditional
Japanese New Year meal.  Afterwards I spent my first time going
holiday shopping for my family in Kawagoe.  It’s always difficult to
buy gifts for family members especially in a foreign country because I
don’t know if they will understand how to use it or be able to enjoy
it completely.  So I decided to keep it simple and get practical gifts
for my family such as soaps, incense as well as some cute socks and
clothing that I knew they would enjoy.  Gift giving is an important
part of North American culture and often we feel that we haven’t given
enough to our friends or families, but this year I know that everyone
is going through a difficult time and I am sending them my best wishes
as well as things that will make them feel more relaxed and
comfortable.  I am certain that my family will be happy regardless of
what I give them but I always still feel like it’s not enough. I hope
that everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous new year
despite any challenges you may face.

From here in Tokyo we are wishing everyone a Happy New Years and Happy

Wishing you all the best!