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最近よくNetflix でドラマを見ているというダニエル先生のお気に入りは
今世界で話題沸騰中の イカ・ゲーム (Squid Game) 。ダニエル先生いわく、


During the past month I haven’t had much to do, so I’ve been watching
a lot of Netflix since I have been staying at home for the most part.
A popular recommendation on my Netflix came up called Squid Game and
at first I ignored it, but recently I ended up breaking down and
watching it.  I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was and ended
up binge watching the entire show in two days.  It reminded me of some
other Japanese films with similar ideas so I ended up watching those
as well.  I hope to watch some other good shows as well this month
since I know that October is always the rainy season of the year.
It’s always nice to stay inside and watch TV on a rainy day.  What TV
shows do you want to watch when the weather isn’t so nice?