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Daniel 先生の日記 ~川崎ロボステージ ロボットショールーム~

Daniel 先生が週末を利用してお台場のロボットショールーム、KAWAKI ROBOSTAGE を訪れた際の体験レポートです。
Recently me and my friend went to Odaiba and were able to visit the
Kawasaki Robostage.  We got the chance to see 3 presentations of
Kawasaki robotic technology.  I would highly recommend it because it
was really interesting, fun and free.  The first presentation that we
saw was a VR chair that moves you around and shows you video on a VR
headset.  You are able to choose from a selection of scenes and after
you have made your selection, a robotic arm moves your chair around to
simulate the same actions that are seen in the video.  The second
presentation that we saw was a drawing robot that takes a picture of
you and then analyzes it to make an outline of your face and
afterwards it draws you onto a special piece of paper.  They even let
me keep the drawing and take it home with me.  The third presentation
that we were shown was a lab technician robot that is able to use a
pipette to extract liquid from a beaker and put it inside of a set of
test tubes.  The entire experience was rather short so if you do end
up going to Odaiba be sure to have some other activities planned as it
won’t take up the entire day by any means but it was definitely a
worthwhile experience and I had a lot of fun.  I hope you all have a
wonderful winter season this year.  As always, have fun and stay safe.